Who We Are

Our Purpose is to:

Provide means primarily for the people of Webb and Zapata counties to achieve successful lives and to improve the overall environment in those communities.

Our Mission is to:

Provide assistance to worthy charitable organizations for charitable, scientific, religious, public safety, arts, health, historical, and/or educational purposes in the community, so those organizations may provide services with expertise.

Manage the resources bestowed on the Foundation, ensuring the vision of Don Lupe and Lilia. 

Promote and maintain the Foundation’s good standing in the community, ensuring the Martinez legacy and vision.

Our Approach is to:

Be involved in the community so we understand and appreciate the opportunities and concerns of those we serve to that have the greatest impact;

Be a trusted partner with other charitable organizations in the Webb and Zapata counties and understand that their success in the community is our success;

Treat all people with compassion and humility, as Lupe and Lilia would have;

Ensure permanent benefit to the communities we serve by managing the foundation’s resources for the long-term. 

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